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Patagonia Day

We had a fun new experience on Saturday afternoon. Keith and his team invited us up to the Patagonia Shop at Burliegh Heads for a show and tell about our ukes.It was an informal get together held out the back of the shop and as the first of these events it went off very well. Nice group of people from all walks with a common interest in both ukes and the relaxed lifestyle that is Patagonia.Mostly just me banging’ on about how to build your own uke and questions from the crowd.We did manage a little impromptu Bob Dylan lesson with some beginners getting “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” under their belts as an intro to playing uke.A broad range of ages from 5mths up to about 122years (Dick Van Straalen must be at least that old with all the cool stuff he has done in surfing) and Patagonia cooked up a little BBQ and Beers with some lucky door prizes round it all off.
I think Patagonia will be doing some more of these days on various topics so keep an eye out for community involvement.
It may also happen to be the start of a new uke group so heres hoping.

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