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Uke Kits for Cairns Festival

This week I have had a visitor from the far north at Cairns. Allen (from Barron River Guitars) came down to help out with a new uke kit designed for our classes. This is a Pineapple design .A soprano body with a concert scale length neck. Lots of time spent on refining jigs goes into new designs. Making sure things will fit as you make a batch of kits is very important both for the sound and for peoples enjoyment of building their first uke.

Detailed Plans are the first step for any new design. For instruments I draw the plan from the strings down.This is the straight line of reference for the rest of the instrument and where the critical clearances are needed at the end.So it makes sense to start from there.


Some raw materials come out of the woodshed and are marked out to get the best of grain and colouring.

This is then jointed on one face and edge before re-sawing components to size.


Batches of components are built for kits . In this shot are the necks at about halfway.


The tops have their sound holes cut and then are trimmed to slightly oversize. Once again it is a batch being cut at once.