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Aluminium Bench Vise

Taken some development time but the new Aluminium Bench Vises are here. Built from high grade Aluminium this new vise is designed with a silky smooth action supplied by a completely enclosed 5/8 inch 6TPI Acme thread and all built around an adjustable dovetailed slide. They have virtually zero racking and effortless power. Jaws are 200 mm wide and the opening is 150 mm. Very easy to install and utilising the front edge of the bench as the rear jaw to keep work flush with the bench edge.
These are completely Australian Made and I am very happy with the results.They are really a joy to use with very little effort required to clamp securely which is why the handle is so short.You can close it with a thumb and forefinger grip.
The first batch will be available within 2 weeks and I will be at the Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood Show 18th to 20th May to show them off.

Aluminium vise

Aluminium vise front